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  • BSc Supplements K-OS 30serve, Lemon Lime

BSc Supplements K-OS EFX 30serve

Pre-Training Energy & Performance Augmentor


BSc K-OS EFX is a potent amino blend that is designed to trigger an anabolic environment for maximum training intensity, energy, endurance and power during your workout.

BSc K-OS combines vasodilators with powerful anabolic compounds to create an advanced pre-workout formula triggering a muscle building state of power, focus and endurance.

• Muscle Building
• Strength Gains
• Increase Focus
• Enhance Training Intensity
• Boost Training Endurance
• Muscle Pumps/Vascularity
• ATP (energy) enhancement
• Lipid (fat) Utilisation

The unique mind-muscle synergy created from BSc K-OS induces a heightened state of focus and muscle power, allowing athletes to train harder and longer.

Shotgun Supplements BSc K-OS is ideal for hard trainers who want to get the most out of every workout session.


For muscle growth : stack with other supplements like Shotgun Whey protein, Glutamine and Creatine for maximum results.



Directions for use :Pre Training: One serve K-OS (One scoop with 300ml of water) 20 minutes before
K-OS is a pre workout only supplement. Designed to help increase intensity and focus throughout your workout through a specified combination of ingredients that work in synergist to minimise the effects of fatigue and muscle breakdown.
One serve per day

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